Jan 6th, 2020

Image copyright: Daria Nepriakhina

Image by Renshin Bunce (Persimmons in Fall)

I have updated my scheduled events… At least the ones I know about now. I am making a commitment to keep this updated in the new year in a better way.

I am also going to try and update this website in general. I am creating a list of “wishes” and then I can hopefully find help making it happen. If you know a web designer who can help (cheaply) that would be awesome.

Stump The Monk is coming along nicely. The next episode (#3) is in early release to subscribers and will be available to all next week. We continue to welcome your questions (to be answered in an upcoming video) and feedback. We are learning so much and will continue to improve, so your feedback is super important.

Thank you all for your continued support and encouragement. There are so many folks supporting me in so many ways. I have a strong commitment to the practice of dana, and being sure to appreciate all of the offerings that come my way. It’s not just money, there are so many ways I am supported, encouraged, and uplifted. I continue to entrust myself to the co-creation of this wild life with all of you.

Thank you and Deep Bows.


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