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Gay Buddhist Fellowship Talk

Published on Aug 5th, 2022 in Dharma Teaching

I gave a talk last weekend (7/31/2022) at the Gay Buddhist Fellowship. The talk is titled What Does it Mean To Practice, and you can listen to it HERE.

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Updated Calendar

Published on Jun 21st, 2022 in Dharma Teaching, News

Just a short note to let y’all know I updated the calendar for my teaching dates the next few months. I am still working on trying to get the media […]

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The Talk at Sangha Live

Published on Mar 28th, 2022 in Dharma Teaching, News

I gave a talk yesterday (3/28/21) for Sangha Live. You can see it at https://sangha.live/dharma-library-archive/

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For World AIDS Day 2021

Published on Dec 1st, 2021 in Dharma Teaching, Reflection, School, Story

I wrote this back in 2012 for a class in Seminary. I am posting here unedited, and in it’s entirety. I have been infected since 1989, and disabled since 1995. […]

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My latest talk and more

Published on Nov 16th, 2021 in Dharma Teaching, News

I was honored to give the talk last Sunday for the great folks at Sangha Live. The subject was Spiritual Bypass. You can see the talk at https://sangha.live/dharma-library/getting-real-with-spiritual-bypass/ I am […]

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New 2 part class

Published on Aug 3rd, 2020 in Dharma Teaching, News

I will again be offering (with Carol Cano) the class “Practicing with Sexual Energy” via EBMC. We will of course be online, and dealing with the effects of the Shelter […]

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Stump The Monk

Published on Oct 7th, 2019 in Dharma Teaching, Media, News

I have been hard at work on a new project with my friend Fred Gebhardt called Stump The Monk. This will be a video podcast released monthly via Patreon. I […]

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A Talk on Embodiment and Appropriate Response

Published on Sep 17th, 2019 in Dharma Teaching, Media

Go HERE for the audio of a talk I gave at the Tuesday Satsang Group in the East Bay lead by Sean Feit Oakes.

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Published on Aug 28th, 2019 in Dharma Teaching, News, Reflection

I just returned from a week long visit with All Beings Zen Sangha in Washington DC. Last month I was with the Austin Zen Center for a week as well. […]

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