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Thesis: Definitions of Terms

Published on Oct 24th, 2017 in Dharma Teaching, Reflection, School, Thesis

I have always found it interesting how people define terms that they use.  In this instance I found it necessary to define three terms: Oppression, Healing, and Community.  As I was rereading it to post here, I can say that my feelings about these definitions are still there.  Feel free to contact me if you […]

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Thesis: Healing and Experiencing Interdependence

Published on Jun 4th, 2017 in Dharma Teaching, Reflection, School, Thesis

I have been inspired by some recent posts by Rev. Jiryu Mark Rutschman-Byler over at the website No Zen in The West. He has posted two posts (First this one and then this one) that resonate with the third chapter of my thesis called “Paula Arai’s Theory of Experiencing Interdependence”  I thought I would share […]

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Thesis: Introduction

Published on May 5th, 2017 in School, Thesis

I will post some parts of my thesis here.  If you want to see the entire thing just contact me.  Because of the nature of the writing these are likely to be longer posts and very academic sounding.  I do hope you will make comments or let me know what you think.  I will try […]

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