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Sep 8th, 2023

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The United Nations Development Programme, commonly known as UNDP, is a leading global development agency that works to eradicate poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation. The UNDP collaborates with governments, civil society organizations, and the private sector to promote sustainable development and human rights.

The UNDP also works with various donors and partners to implement long-term agreements (LTAs) that support its mission. In this article, we`ll take a closer look at what LTAs are, how they work, and their significance in UNDP`s work.

What is a long-term agreement?

A long-term agreement is a contractual framework that enables the UNDP to procure goods and services from selected suppliers over an extended period, typically three to five years. An LTA is a flexible approach to procurement that allows the UNDP to quickly and efficiently source the required goods and services without going through the lengthy procurement process every time.

How does an LTA work?

The LTA process begins with the UNDP identifying the goods and services that it needs over a particular period, usually three to five years. The UNDP then publishes a Request for Proposal (RFP) inviting suppliers to bid for the contract. The RFP specifies the required goods and services, the selection criteria, and the evaluation methodology.

Once the procurement team evaluates the bids, they shortlist the most qualified and suitable suppliers. They then negotiate and sign an LTA with the selected suppliers. The LTAs typically include the terms and conditions of the agreement, pricing, delivery schedules, and the quality standards expected of the goods and services.

What are the benefits of LTAs for the UNDP?

LTAs offer several benefits to the UNDP, including:

1. Cost savings: LTAs enable the UNDP to secure long-term contracts with suppliers, which helps to reduce procurement costs and improve budget predictability.

2. Efficiency: By prequalifying and signing an LTA with selected suppliers, the UNDP streamlines the procurement process, reducing the procurement cycle time.

3. Quality assurance: LTAs allow the UNDP to establish clear quality standards for goods and services, ensuring that suppliers deliver goods and services that meet the required criteria.

4. Sustainability: LTAs create long-term partnerships between the UNDP and selected suppliers, which helps to build capacity, promote innovation, and support sustainable development.

5. Flexibility: LTAs allow the UNDP to respond quickly to changing needs and emergencies, as pre-qualified suppliers are ready to deliver goods and services on short notice.

In conclusion, LTAs are an essential aspect of the UNDP`s procurement process, enabling the organization to source goods and services efficiently and effectively. The long-term agreements offer multiple benefits, including cost savings, efficiency, quality assurance, sustainability, and flexibility. By leveraging LTAs, the UNDP can focus on its core mandate of eradicating poverty, inequality, and environmental degradation.


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