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Jul 24th, 2017

Image copyright: Daria Nepriakhina

I am working on figuring out what is next now that I have graduated, left Zen Center, and managed to take some time to rest, recuperate and recover. I have a wide landscape of choices in front of me, and am trying to make room for myriad things to come forth and awaken me.  I have found that trying to “force” something just doesn’t really work out well.

I may give CPE another try.  It is likely to have some consequences, but the opportunity to learn more about being with myself while being of with and of service to others resonates with me.  I am still in process of investigating the consequences of this on the multiple factors in my life.

I may look to increase my teaching.  Part of the reason getting my website working properly is so important.  I am so grateful for my friends Liam and Kath who are so generous, and just look at what they have created.  More work is being done on the site as they are available, and please let me know if something isn’t working

I may see about teaching in a College or High School setting.

I am so inspired by my friend Rod Owens and his work.  I am working on an ethics statement which I will post soon that will clearly define how I work with questions of my ethical responsibility in the world.  Please stay tuned.  I am also considering how I can begin a Radical Dharma group here on the West Coast similar to what Rod is doing in Boston.  Based on the teachings in Radical Dharma, this group would attempt to create a community that practices Radical Dharma.

I continue to practice, teach, and provide weddings, funerals and ceremonies when called.  Committing to a practice of dana (generosity) is scary, interesting and also satisfying.  Staying committed while having to participate somewhat in a capitalistic society is an interesting practice, and one that is challenging me to new levels of faith and trust in practice and all beings.

For transparency sake I can report that I have one monthly contributor that nets me $7.95 per month.  I also have received approximately $445 outside of that (some has come in the form of talent and time which isn’t included, and some is cash which I have done my best to keep track of, but may not be reflected completely accurately.) in dana in the last three months.  I will attempt to report on this regularly.  I feel it is important to be transparent in this regard.  My monthly expenses are around $890 per month not including groceries and miscellaneous costs.  I am happy to talk to anyone about this and appreciate the reminders if I forget to update regularly.  For a basic look of my approach to dana please see my donation page

I have no plans to travel right now, but do have dates for future teachings locally.  The calendar is not working well right now here so please follow me on twitter or Facebook if you want to get informed on that.

May you and yours be blessed, and may we all continue to practice love, liberation, and truth.


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