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As a clergy person, I perform numerous kinds of ceremonies. They can be elaborate to simple; Buddhist to Secular and all the varieties in between. With my experience as one of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, and my work as a Zen Priest, I have done numerous types of sacred and profane ceremonies marking a variety of life events.

• Weddings
• Funerals
• Memorials/Celebrations of Life
• Baby Blessings/Baby Naming
• Family Making (for adoptions or other ways families come together)
• Coming of Age/Empowerment/Home Leaving  

There are lots of reasons to create and have a ceremonial or sacred marker for life events. We can work together to create something meaningful, powerful and important for you, your family and/or community.

The cost for ceremonies depends on a lot of factors. I operate on a foundation of generosity. I ask you to make an offering that is in keeping with what you can afford, the amount of work and time you are asking me to invest and to support my continued livelihood. I have received anywhere from $200 to $3000 for ceremonies and events. Rarely has anyone not made an offering, but if you truly can’t afford to make a financial contribution, feel free to think of other ways you can make an offering and discuss that with me. I do ask that you cover all costs associated with travel and housing/food.


Some common questions

1. Don’t you have just some standard ceremonial form. Why do we have to “create” something?

These events are meaningful, and important. Not just for you, but for all who are attending or otherwise involved. Since there isn’t a standard issue individual, it is hard to consider using a standard issue ceremony. I have lots of experience and can make this process as painless and easy as possible while keeping things in the theme right for you.

2. Why don’t you just have a standard fee structure?

I prefer to live in a world that is generous and kind. I see part of my role as a Priest/Monk is to create opportunities and the ground from which this generosity and kindness can flourish. I think there is also a level of trust and mutual co-dependence that is important when working on such intimate projects that is fostered by meeting each other right where we are. Working on the belief that we all can ask, “How generous can I be here and in what way?” is a powerful question to ask in every moment and in every situation.

3. I have a need for an ecumenical or combined religious ceremony. Is that possible?

I work closely with, and am friends with a number of other clergy from a variety of faith traditions. I am happy to work with whomever you wish in order to create a ceremony that marks whatever the event in whatever way you wish to mark it.

4. Are there things you won’t do or can’t do?

Let’s begin to talk and see. I am pretty good at knowing when I am not the right person for the task and helping you find someone who is better suited for what you need.


“Sheldon and I have known Daigan for many years. When we got married, Daigan was the first person we thought of to be the officiant and we were happy he agreed to perform the ceremony. Prior to the wedding we conferred with him about the vows and ceremony over pancakes and talked about how we could include our daughter in the ceremony. Daigan was extremely helpful in getting everything put together, even giving tips for last minute vow writing. His calm demeanor and wonderful sense of humor were very supportive in keeping everything enjoyable and as stress free as possible. The ceremony itself was original and memorable and I can’t think of anything which could have been more perfect for our family.

Daigan is one of those rare people who you can feel comfortable with in any setting. We are still good friends with him and visit whenever we get a chance. We recommend him highly.

– Rebecca and Sheldon Carpenter

“Rev. Daigan provided a ceremony to honor those beautiful Queers and their families murdered in Orlando at our office at the Alameda County Office of HIV Services that was beautiful, inspiring and fit perfectly within our staid bureaucratic office. I knew we wanted to hold a space as many of us were grieving these losses and to have Daigan come and hold space for a very diverse group of government workers was very helpful and comforting.”

– J. Phoenix Smith, MSW

“Okay, cliche or not, it was the happiest day of my life thus far. It’s been almost three years when Rev. Daigan conducted our morning wedding ceremony of artists, drag queens, Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, tech geeks, and a sizable group of my Filipino kin on the rooftop of our high rise giving us a 360 degree view of our beloved SF. It was the perfect venue except that the roof area is off limits to the public and we were violating building rules by staging our 50 guest ceremony. It was the first year of California’s second round of marriage equality + as good as it was to finally get legit it was equally wonderful to have a wedding that broke the rules. Rev. Daigan was the perfect partner and support through the planning + developing of the ceremony and flow of events. Prior the wedding, we spent time thinking and dreaming of different poets and poems for the ceremony, music or not, altar areas, rain plans, and best ways to “sneak” 50 guests up 20 flights on a Sunday morning. Rev. Daigan played a major role in making our wedding day magically unforgettable . Gods willing, Rev. D will conduct our 50th recommitment ceremony. I better book him now then.”

– Aloha, Joël Barraquiel Tan



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