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The Buddha believed that a reciprocal relationship must be developed between the ordained members of the sangha and the lay members.  He believed that the Dharma he discovered was and should always be freely offered and given.  He also believed that the ordained should be supported by the generosity (Dana in Pali) of the lay community.  It is in this way, the ordained are responsible to those who support them.

I want to live in a world layered with generosity and kindness.  We create the worlds we want to inhabit by the choices we make.  I choose to rely on your kindness and generosity to support my livelihood.  Some call it charity, or begging and that is one way to think of it.  I just think of it as a direct expression of our interdependent and interconnected life.  Everyday I do a ceremony of gratitude and well-being in hopes that I stay connected to the kindness and generosity that sustains us all.

I ask you to make an offering that is in keeping with what you can afford, the amount of work and time you are asking me to invest and to support my continued livelihood. You can donate via Venmo or PayPal

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May I be worthy of any offering you make.

Monthly support

If you want to offer ongoing monthly support no matter the size, you may do so through Patreon.  I have chosen not to offer “rewards” for ongoing monthly support. As this is not in keeping with my vow. Your monthly support will go a long way in allowing me to plan and be responsible in stewarding the financial support I receive. Thank you.