This One Time at Radical Dharma Camp

Jun 2nd, 2018

Image copyright: Daria Nepriakhina

I have been speaking and teaching for years about the practice of Radical Dharma.  Not simply as a book, but as a guide to practice and life that brings forth the truth of oppression, power, privilege, and unconscious bias. It also offers a way to liberation and love that in my experience is deep, wide and interdependent.

This July the authors are coming together with folks from all over the country at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.  I am going.  A scholarship has been applied for, a friend has donated miles to cover airfare and I am fundraising to cover my expenses with a long trip.  I also am working on some teaching opportunities on the east coast, and also arranging to meet and spend time with friends, teachers, mentors and others.  This pilgrimage is about finding my way to what is next.  Learning, growing, sharing, teaching, and expressing are my keywords for this time.  As is all things there is what we plan and then what happens.

If you would like to support my pilgrimage I am hoping to raise $2000.  You can visit the GOFUNDME page.  Or you can visit my donation page and read more about how I practice with supporting my work, learning and teachings.

I continue to attempt to make my life, practice and virtue to be worthy of your continued support.


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