Episode Two of Stump The Monk

Dec 9th, 2019

Image copyright: Daria Nepriakhina

I have mentioned before that I have started shooting a monthly video podcast called Stump The Monk. The second episode is now available HERE. We have it structured so that there is a short version that is available 7 days early for folks who subscriber at $5 per month and then totally open to the public. The long version is available to the Inner Circle (folks who subscribe for $10 per month) only. I am very excited by the conversations so far, and look forward to getting your feedback.

I want to encourage folks to please follow us on Instagram and Twitter. We are hoping to get enough support to be able to hire a web/social media person. If you know someone who would be interested let me know. We honestly don’t even know what the going rate is, but expect it to be fairly easy and straightforward.

If you have a question about spiritual practice that you want to ask, let us know via our social media, and we will answer it in an upcoming episode. We want to be in conversation with you as well as our guests. See if you can Stump The Monk.


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