National Coming Out Day

Oct 11th, 2021

Image copyright: Daria Nepriakhina

I suppose today is a good day to say this, since it’s National Coming Out Day. I have been out since the late 70’s as queer/gay.  I have had HIV since the late 80’s. Disabled by AIDS since 1996.  I decided to practice spiritual celibacy sometime since the 2000’s.  (Meaning I believed it was simply a spiritual practice -not required by my ordination-but felt like a way for me to practice more deeply). After a long period of researching, learning and deepening understanding, I am finding that I am also Ace/Aro. (Asexual/Aromantic)  Nothing really changes for me externally, but there is a way this identity changes my internal dialogue and view.  I guess at 55, I am still coming out to myself and others.

I will have a longer post later about the ways in which I still am sex positive, and that I haven’t really changed what I teach around Practicing with Sexual Energy.


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