New Year, Same Me

Jan 7th, 2024

Image copyright: Daria Nepriakhina

I am thinking about wanting to write more this year. I don’t want to make a resolution as much as I just want to set an intention. I want to avoid the idea that I somehow have to be profound and deep in order to express something. Or that I need to be “teaching” each time. Maybe can be just expressing ideas. Even if they aren’t fully formed or clear. How do I operate in ways that aren’t performative, yet still action focused.

I also am wanting to start doing more with TikTok. Not sure if it will be weekly lives doing meditations/short dharma teachings or if it will be some other form. TikTok has become my main social media platform. Partly because I find so much education happening there. Especially around decolonizing and being an active anti-racist.

I continue to examine how to be responsible agent of change in a cis-male, white body. Yes I have intersections of marginalization, and I am still perceived first as a white man. I want to show up in the world in ways that are empathetic, and aware of the power and privilege I wield through accident of birth in this body, at this time.

So here’s to 2024. May it be a year of growth and insight, and may we together find ease and opening hearts


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