My latest talk and more

Nov 16th, 2021

Image copyright: Daria Nepriakhina

I was honored to give the talk last Sunday for the great folks at Sangha Live. The subject was Spiritual Bypass. You can see the talk at

I am still working on getting my previous talks and the old episodes of the podcast uploaded to both Patreon and Ko-fi. I may also attempt to upload them here (I have to research the amount of space available). But keep an eye out for those.

I also created a link tree for the various ways to support me, but also just to keep track of everything. I am going to figure out how to change the links here to that.

I am also all caught up in the event calendar. And hopefully can continue to stay on top of that so you should be able to find out what I am up to and when.

Deep Bows and Great Gratitude.


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